Universal Rendering with React, Redux, and Flow

Webtechcon 2016

Oliver Zeigermann / @DJCordhose


Single-Page Applications (SPAs): Moving your Application into the Browser

  • Single-Page per Application (or Module)
  • Optionally runs without any Server side code as a static Web Page
  • Offline
  • Data close to Application Code: Latency low, like Desktop App
  • Browser can even store data in Cliebt side DBs

First approaches to SPAs

  • Templates on Client Side
  • Applications structured in components or controllers
  • No longer a loose collection of JavaScript snippets

Copyright 2016, @mxstbr

Early options of JavaScript MVC/MVVM SPA frameworks

  • Backbone
  • Angular 1
  • Ember.js

Problems of MVC/MVVM Frameworks with Observer-Pattern

Copyright 2016, @mxstbr


  • Framework used to build Facebook, Netflix, and many more
  • Minimal API
  • Component based
  • Components encapsulate template and logic
  • Templates are written in JavaScript, plus JSX extension for HTML style
  • One way, data binding
  • Abstraction from DOM using virtual DOM
  • Model can be anything

f(model) -> UI

Contrainers and Views

  • Top Level Components are called Containers or Pages
  • hold and manage State
  • contain UI logic
  • Other Components called Views
  • Data and Control only flows in these hierarchies

Copyright 2016, @mxstbr

Hello World React

class HelloMessage extends React.Component {
  render() {
    return <div>
            <input value={this.state.greeting} ref="in"
                   onChange={(event) => this.updateModel(event)} />

{this.state.greeting}, World

<button onClick={() => this.reset()}>Clear</button> </div>; }
  constructor(props) {
    this.state = {greeting: this.props.greeting};
  updateModel(event) {
    this.setState({greeting: event.target.value});
  reset() {
    this.setState({greeting: ""});


// index.html

// main.js
import HelloMessage from './HelloMessage';

var mountNode = document.getElementById('mount');
ReactDOM.render(<HelloMessage greeting="Hello"/>, mountNode);

Real-World React

  • React is typically used in combination with other techniques
  • React-Router: Mapping URL to what is displayed
  • Build
    • Babel: Translate from ES6/7 to ES5
    • Webpack: Bundler for Modules
    • Flow: Static Type Checker
  • Architectural Patterns
    • Flux: Architectural Pattern for UI
    • Universal Rendering: Server und Client Side Rendering combined

Why do we need Architectural Patterns?

Mutable State and Concurrency

  • UI Logic is not decoupled from SPA framework
  • State is distributed over many containers
  • Distributed, mutable state is hard to manage
  • Especially when application grows
  • Async operations can happen anywhere


Redux/Flux Idea #2: Data and Control flow in one direction

Copyright 2016, embarc

Redux/Flux Idea #2: All State in one place

Copyright 2016, embarc



import { Provider } from 'react-redux';
import store from './store';

import HelloMessage from './HelloMessage';

const mountNode = document.getElementById('mount');
  <Provider store={store}>
    <HelloMessage />


class HelloMessage extends React.Component {
  render() {
    const { greeting, updateGreeting, resetGreeting } = this.props;
<input onChange={event => updateGreeting(event.target.value)} value={greeting}/>

{greeting}, World

<button onClick={() => resetGreeting()}> Clear
; } }

import { bindActionCreators } from 'redux';
import { connect } from 'react-redux';
import * as Actions from './actions';
export default connect(
    state => ({
      greeting: state.greeting
    dispatch => bindActionCreators(Actions, dispatch)

Actions and Action-Creators

// Action

// Action creator
export function updateGreeting(greeting) {
  return {

export function resetGreeting() {
  return {

State created/updated by Reducers

// store
export default createStore(combineReducers({
  greeting: greetingReducer

// reducer
import {UPDATE_GREETING, RESET_GREETING} from './actions';

function greetingReducer(state = 'Hello', action) {
  switch (action.type) {
      return action.greeting;
      return '';
      return state;

Wrapup Redux/Flux

  • An Architectural Approach for UIs
  • Control and Data Flow in on direction only
  • All state from containers goes into stores
  • UI logic from containes goes into Action-Creators and Reducers
  • Async Actions in Action-Creators only
  • Stores should be made of immutable data structures

Issues of Single-Page Applications (including Redux/Flux)

  • SEO
  • First-Page-Impressions
  • Preview, e.g.
    • of Search Results or
    • when sharing Links on Social Media
  • Progressive Enhancement

SPA: First-Page-Impression

Universal Rendering: First-Page-Impression

Universal Rendering with React und Redux

  • First-Page-Impressions rendered statically on server side for a selection of pages
  • Probably includes index page
  • Links being rendered into page as ordinary HTML-Links
  • Pages being linked to can also be rendered statically on server
  • Also works well with React-Router (allows for cental point of entry)

Code Sharing

All application code can be shared between Server and Client

Server Side Code (Hapi)

const server = new Hapi.Server();
    method:  'GET',
    path:    '/',
    handler: renderRoute

function renderRoute(request, reply) {
  const html =
        <Provider store={store}>
            <HelloMessage />
  // redux offers complete state from single store
  reply(renderFullPage(html, store.getState()));

How to transfer state from Server to Client?

<!-- server -->
function renderFullPage(html, initialData) {
  return `
    <div id="mount">${html}</div>

    window.__INITIAL_STATE__ = ${JSON.stringify(initialData)};

// client: init store from complete state
const initialState = window.__INITIAL_STATE__;
const store = createStore(..., initialState);

How to suppress ein Re-Rendering on Client?

When Checksums on Server and Client side match, React does not re-render

Universal Rendering for the Win

  • SEO: Solved, as page fully rendering without JavaScript
  • First-Page-Impressions: Fast, as rendered on Server Side and JavaScript can be loaded later, no re-rendering
  • Preview: Solved, page fully rendered on Server Side
  • Progressive Enhancement: As Links are ordinary HTML Links, page can at least deliver all contents

Additional Example using SVG



More Challenges

  • When rendering on Server Side complete state is required
  • Differenct Locales on Server and Client
  • Date changing over time (Current Time, Share Prices)
  • Needs JavaScript Server
  • Architecture much harder to wrap mind around

Bonus Level: Flow


Flow is a static type checker, designed to quickly find errors in JavaScript applications

Example #1: Simple Check with Type Inference


const element = <HelloMessage greeting="Hello"/>;
ReactDOM.render(element, mountNode);


const element = 'just a string'; // type is interred as string
ReactDOM.render(element, mountNode);

Message from flow

 12: ReactDOM.render(element, mountNode);
     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ call of method `render`
 12: ReactDOM.render(element, mountNode);
                     ^^^^^^^ string. This type is incompatible with
237:     element: React$Element<Config>,
                  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ React$Element.
See lib: /private/tmp/flow/flowlib_1ddc81a6/react.js:237

Example #2: Type Declarations

type State =  {
    greeting: string;

type Props = {
    // ERROR: trying to assign this boolean to state
    // greeting: boolean
    greeting: string

class HelloMessage extends React.Component<any, Props, State> {
    constructor(props: Props) {
        this.state = {greeting: this.props.greeting};

PropTypes on Steroids

Example #3: Redux Action types

type GreetingAction = {
    payload: ?string;

// alternative, more specific declaration
type GreetingAction = {actionType: 'UPDATE_GREETING', payload: string}
                    | {actionType: 'UPDATE_GREETING' };

// action creator
function updateGreeting(greeting: string): GreetingAction {
    return {
        // must be 'UPDATE_GREETING' or 'RESET_GREETING'
        actionType: 'UPDATE_GREETING',
        // must be a string or null/undefined
        payload: greeting

Changes the way you write code

Allows for reliable refactoring (at least in WebStorm)

Catches errors before you even start your app



  • Classic Web Applications allow for Server Side Rendering
  • SPA can provide best UI/UX and clean Architecture
  • React with Redux is an ideal combination for SPAs
  • Universal Web Apps combine benefits of SPAs and Classic Web Apps
  • React can render both on Client and on Server side
  • Redux state can be easily transferred from Server to Client
  • Thus React with Redux also is an ideal combination for Universal Web Apps
  • Flow is a static type checker well suited for React and Redux

Thank You!

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Oliver Zeigermann / @DJCordhose